Mandala - A Digital Light Narrative

Established in 2006, Mandala is a lighting design studio based in New Delhi working with light as one of their prime mediums to create a dialogue through their works. Known for their recently praised installation “Yours & Mine” at Light First by iGuzzini in New Delhi, November 2018; their portfolio of work comprises of projects ranging from light art installations to lighting design for architectural, urban-scale and historic buildings. 

It is said, that they create stories.

In light of creating a digital presence, this project began. What it wanted from the website is still not defined but what can be said for sure is that Mandala wanted to celebrate light and establish a virtual identity for itself. Driven by process and narrative, we formulated four divisions that would initiate the conversation - mandala, areas (think tank, mandalabs, studio), light art festival and experiments. The focus formulated with time as we dig deep to reason out each category and element, eradicating the text and designing an interface where the images could speak for themselves; a virtual experience that justified the subtle and thoughtful design decisions applied by the studio in their works. 

Through this platform, Mandala wanted to diversify its divisions primarily by establishing Mandalabs and Think Tank. In these sections, we dissected the information into various links in an attempt to create research like experience; where we could generate curiosity and still be able to express what they do, how they do and why they do what they do. Our intent was to keep the user engaged and allow them to consume information in an unconventional way. 

“I want to move the audience, give them something to remember. The experience begins when you enter the room and ends when you leave. It’s about the emotion you feel when you are in there.” In collaboration with the designer himself, the website is currently under manifestation to create an experience in its own.

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