Pichvai - Tradition & Beyond, Mumbai'18

What is an experience? And what is that about narrative development in an exhibition? What it is, is how an unknown or a familiar subject is communicated to you as a visitor. How when you walk in, you are engaged; making an attempt to read and understand why an artwork is an artwork. The speciality that lies in the thought and in the making of it. It is a dialogue felt. 

Working with both, Orproject and Exhibition Designer, Reha Sodhi; the Pichvai Exhibition narrates tales of Krishna painted on cloth and paper. The experience built is that of a black hole where everything in the 50’ high studio disappears into a black void, highlighting only the artworks rendered in vivid colours by local artists.

The flow of exhibit narrates the eight darshans found in Nathdwara tradition - Deccan, Shringar, Gwal-Gopi, Temple Maps, Utsav, Darshan, Lotus and Special Projects. The layout is guided along with the studio perimeter and in the centre stand free floating walls. Holding smaller artworks of size 8” x 12” the space between them gives view of paintings of size up to 9’ x 7’. This size variation between 400 artworks allows us to accentuate the perspective and build a 400 sq.ft. physical environment as an entity in its own. It celebrates life of Krishna in all its episodes with all narratives and views overlapping each other.

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