Kama Ayurveda - les jardins d’Inde

Les Jardins d'Inde. The gardens of India.

Kama Ayurveda is an Indian brand creating Ayurvedic products for lifestyle and living. Rooted from traditional aesthetics and a contemporary approach, their brand identity transforms into a white colour palette with brass accents, caning, walnut wood finishes and mouldings that crown furniture and space corners.

What is progressive is their sensitivity towards design. With over 60 Retail Stores designed by Orproject across India, each outlet is different from another. There is constant experimentation on how design influences user experience and sales - how placement of different furniture types in a certain way effects the way products are acknowledged, the manner in which shelving systems attract the customer, ways of interaction between a product and user, the kind of lighting each product receives when placed on the shelf or when in hand being used as a tester, circulation patterns that guide users to explore different products, design efficiency of POS stations for a seamless billing experience or how music creates an acoustic remembrance of an Ayurvedic experience in the store. All details overlap each other.

Working on about 17 Retail stores with sizes varying from 21 sq.ft. to 9000 sq.ft.; my involvement has been in developing layouts, planning of lighting and services, detailing furniture, designing of facade, signage and 3D modelling. In the development phase, the work experience includes sampling and design testing, site inspection, consultant coordination and project management.

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