Jewellery Store

Set in Lucknow, the company’s main business target is a wholesale market. With over 100 years of establishment and a reputation in the industry, their interests were focussed on creating a bigger space for wholesale exchange and to launch a Retail section for their customers alongside.

Single-handling the entire project from planning to execution, the store is planned on two floors; the ground floor caters to silver ornaments and utensils and the first-floor deals in gold jewellery and gems. Moving from 200 sq.ft. to 1800 sq.ft. our focus was to achieve a layout where planning could initiate higher efficiency for internal operations and customer interaction. What was critical was to negate certain view angles customers shouldn't see for security reasons and a system that supports ways of alerting which can be operated seamlessly even when away. The planning of both stores had different approaches, particularly because the product ranges are entirely different. What was similar was the division of separate seating for wholesale and retail customers. The former setup is a divan like seating where one can spread out items and sift their collections at ease; the latter supports an interaction where you’re entertained and shown products of your choice.

The silver store supports a showcase shelving system that overwhelms the user with each step as they take inside the store. Having a tremendous product variety, the display has turned to be highly effective for their point of sales. “We have customers who walk in knowing what they want to buy and customers searching for exclusive gift items. The thin line is that silver is more affordable than gold, and if you offer them the variety they get inclined to purchase more.” In alignment with this exchange strategy and store size of 13’ x 55’, we benefitted from the depth of the store by developing vertical black divisions that block the view to another shelving. So when you’re crossing the store from the street, the showcase doesn’t give away the entire display but creates curiosity as all you can see is a glitter effect from the 5000K light falling on silver items against the black backdrop.

The upper store selling gold jewellery items creates a very tasteful experience. With finishes in white gold and curved corners throughout the space, the ambience is precious like. Set next to mirrors, the display in Retail is very minimal here. For wholesale, the shelving design seamlessly blends with the continuous display system but is however moveable and is designed to be used as trolleys which can be stocked in the strong room during non-operational hours. With an additional requirement for storage space, the storeroom opens into a seating cum meeting area. The lighting of the store has been customised to two different colour temperatures that allow them to show gold and gems in desired preferences. 

With elaborate conversations and understanding of customer behaviour patterns, communication language of business interaction and the desired outcome; the store is designed to be user specific and customer friendly. “Given our client profile and context, it is imperative that we are able to build familiarity and excitement at the same time.”

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