Matters of Hand, Serendipity Art Festival

Matters of Hand: Craft, Design & Technique exhibits Indian handmade objects of utility, kitchen, home decor, lighting and leisure. It informs on the different adaptations of local materials and commemorates the interaction of human body in the making of the product. In a lifestyle set today, where there is exposure to immense design tools and technology, these craftsmen innovate through their own learnings and explore techniques carried through their generations.

Working with Exhibition Designer, Reha Sodhi and curator, Rashmi Varma; the 2000 sq.ft. exhibition is primarily divided in 3 zones. Set in the beginning of 18’ high space; objects for home decor, furniture and utility define the public space in the exhibition and far apart they face a room with openings like that of a window. With daylight entering through these apertures and a chandelier above, handcrafted objects for personal use are displayed here. Objects belonging to kitchen separates these two zones and floating in middle of all these spaces are objects for leisure and daily use.

This exhibition is about objects. Matters of hand exploring sustainable practices and local resources.

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