Sugandhi Mehrotra

A believer that the effect of spaces is eternal.

Sugandhi grew up in a courtyard house - a house built by her Grandfather. The entrance hallway guided you into public spaces on the right and a kitchen overlooking it on the left. With a small window punctured in the kitchen wall, the opening watched visitors go by and dishes crossed through; for it to set up the dining on the other side of the gallery. Juxtaposed against the greens outside, the house walked you into a central courtyard grilled from above and yet offering an untainted view of the sky. The sun so strong at noon that it cast shadows on the terrazzo floor beneath and spilled just enough in the verandah space across. Facing a locally crafted TV cabinet in wood finish with a small showcase window, was seating for six people and a diwan for afternoon naps. The two bedrooms looked into the verandah and courtyard on one side, and a garden on the other. This garden was built only after the completion of the house, with leftover marble and terrazzo material. In the best interest to use the space and material, this garden was designed in the shape of a spade with greens surrounding its edges. It was magical. He named it Pan Patta.

With strong attachments to the house and the energy that enveloped it, Sugandhi grew up discovering the impact of spaces and nature for herself. And this is how her journey began. One space leading into another. Houses changing as she moved to New Delhi to pursue her career in Interior Architecture and started working. It is only during the course of those experiences she could truly embrace the longing for her now old home and cherish the thoughts behind how spaces were crafted, how the sun and wind interacted; and the way the energy in the house outlived her.

She is passionate and driven to create habitats. Spaces to walk, live and sleep. Spaces where you connect. Spaces where you can disconnect.

During her research, "A Moment in Space and Time: Quality of Life v/s Urbanization" in 2014, she found deep sensitivity toward how visuals bind a space. She has gone to the extent of exploring the effects of visuals on digital platforms and self-trained herself as a Graphic and UI Designer. Her works range between commercial and exhibition spaces, furniture, graphics, and UI design. In pursuit of creating that connection with space, she is currently looking for opportunities and uses this platform to feed her thoughts and collaborate with various artists.


visualact. Every action is part of the equation.



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